LegalPay Launches Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Litigation financing start-up’s platform Bharat Dispute Resolution expects to manage 100,000 cases by the end of December this year
LegalPay Launches Online Dispute Resolution Platform
Source: Bharat Dispute Resolution

Litigation financing start-up LegalPay said it launched an online dispute resolution platform called Bharat Dispute Resolution (BDR) with an aim to decongest the Indian legal system.

BDR, which expects to manage 100,000 cases by the end of December this year, leverages artificial intelligence, data analytics, and legal expertise to resolve disputes and recover dues in a fast, cost-effective, and hassle-free manner, LegalPay said in a statement.

LegalPay Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kundan Shahi said BDR is an innovative solution poised to redefine the landscape of dispute resolution and tackle the problem of unpaid account receivables.

The platform promotes alternative dispute resolution methods and also help in reducing the burden on the judiciary, he added.

LegalPay said BDR is offering a comprehensive solution for all legal woes through its cutting-edge technology, which includes automation of bulk notices, tracking responses, administration of stamp duty, and data repository for cases intertwined with the legal services of experienced professionals.

The platform leverages the industry's expertise in online arbitration and mediation as well as its network of over 5,000 lawyers and arbitrators across the country to provide effective solutions for resolving disputes, according to the statement.

LegalPay, which currently handles over 2,600 crore rupees ($312 million) in claims under management, expects to manage 5,000 crore rupees by the end of this year.

(Note: $1 = 83.3028 Indian rupees)

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